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Take your place aboard our custom build 20-person paint gun equipped trailer. You’ll be given a gun and plenty of paintballs. Your job is to kill as many real Zombies as you can. This 10-15 minute night time ride will take you through darken woods and fields as you attempt to keep the world safe. Like all Zombies, a head shot is needed to take them down. Good luck, humanity is counting on you.

About Zombie Wars


Ride at your own risk.

  1. Listen to the drill sargent - they are there to help. What they say goes. 
  2. If you see a zombie, shoot them as many times as you wish, but you must aim for the head to take one down. 
  3. No drugs or alcohol allowed on the ride. 
  4. Intoxicated customers will not be permitted on the trailer and will be asked to leave without refund. 
  5. Do not leave the trailer unless instructed to do so


Back Story

Three months ago… 

A small child becomes ill and dies mysteriously in a un-known township in the Qinghai province of China.

Strange… but un-noticed, un-reported and initially not remarkable. 

Patient zero.

Family and friends mourn, and then return to normal life… as farm hands, teachers, factory workers and tour guides in the picturesque area.

They silently spread the deadly disease. Eventually making sick and killing all those who came in contact. 

Then a horrible thing began to happen … the dead start to come alive… with an insatiable appetite for the living. Killing and infecting at an incredible rate. 

Quickly the disease spreads around the world… and within weeks, these walking dead have taken over most of the world. 

In North America, the government of Canada and the US has collapsed and the military is virtually wiped out.
There are only a few unaffected and safe areas left. 

Salisbury, New Brunswick is one of them.  

Initially protected by a few military survivors, the locals awoke one morning to discover the army redeployed overnight. But thankfully had left some equipment behind. 

Now civilian recruits are needed help ward off the Zombies and keep the area safe. Known as the Paintball Freedom Force, they risk their lives to save others.

Specially equipped paintball gun trailers have been built to help keep the brain eaters away. Each custom paintball has been infused with a lethal zombie poison developed by the CDC. But to be effective, it must be administered into the zombie head. Sometimes multiple times. 

Good luck.


Are group rates available? 
Yes, for groups of 20 or more. See the ticket section for details.


Are tickets also available on site?
Yes. You can buy your tickets online or when you arrive. We’ll do our best to accommodate all those who arrive 1 hour before closing.


What time do I arrive? 
If you but a ticket online, we suggest you arrive at least 1 hour before closing to ensure you get on the ride.


What can I expect on the ride?
You and friends will board a 20 person, specially equipped trailer that is pulled through the woods and fields. All the paint guns are affixed to the trainer so you can’t accidentally shoot yourself or anyone around you. The guns move up, down and back and forth… all the range of motion you need. You’ll be given 75 paint balls to fire at zombies or anything you like. You can purchase double paintballs if you wish before the ride begins. Aim for the head to take a zombie down. Good luck and have fun.


Are they real zombies?
Well… it is real people dressed as zombies. But don’t worry, they have plenty of protection from the paint balls … so fire at will you can’t hurt them. Remember, only a head shot will take a zombie out.


Is the Zombie ride suitable for children? 
The ride takes place at night and there are zombies… so use your best judgment. We suggest children be at least 8 years old. All children must be with a paying adult. We also offer a day time Zombie-free trip suitable for people of all ages.


Can I buy extra paint balls onboard?
An extra 75 shots are available but must be paid for BEFORE the ride. There is not extra paint balls available on the ride.


Will I get shot? 
The zombie’s only weapon are their teeth. So you can shoot them and they won’t shoot back. Our zombies are the slow walking kind, so you’ll have lots of time to do damage.


Can I be a zombie?
Click on the employment link if you’d like to be a zombie or for other employment opportunities.


How long does the ride last? 
The ride takes about 10 minutes. The trailer goes out and comes back so you will have a chance to shoot targets and zombies on both sides.


Can I get bit by a zombie? 
It’s very unlikely … the trailer is constantly moving and you have a gun. Just stay on the trailer and you should be safe. No guarantees … it is a war remember.


Can I ride more then once a night? 
You can ride multiple times in an evening, but you must purchase a ticket each time and go to the back of the line.


Where are you located?
Zombie Wars Paint Ball is located at the Green Pig Country Market, 2927 Fredericton Rd., Salisbury, New Brunswick. You may know us as we are also the home of the Salisbury Corn Maze.


Scared of Zombies?

No problem. You can also take a ride on our special trailer during the daylight and shoot the many targets found in our woods and fields. Nothing frightening on this journey,  just a wonderful opportunity to test your aim and have a blast. Consider it a fun day time training exercise. Suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

Prices & Times

Zombie Wars


Every Friday and Saturday Evening in October 7 - 9 pm  2018

September 28, 39 2018

October 5,6,12,13,19,20,26 and 27,  2018

We will close early or not open if it is raining.  Please call ahead if it is raining please.


$15 / person (includes gun and 75 paint balls)
Add $5 for double paint


If you are afraid of the dark or Zombies, you might
want to check out our daytime ride. We recommend
that children be at least 8 years of age for Zombie Wars.

Group Rates
Save $2 per person for a group of over 20 people


Daytime Training

No Zombies - suitable for all ages

Saturday & Sunday Afternoons in October : 12 noon - 5 PM

We will close early or not open if it is raining.  Please call ahead if it is raining please.


$7 / person (includes gun and 75 paint balls)
Add $5 for double paint


Group Rates
Save $2 per person for a group of over 20 people



Package 1: Day time fun
1 large Maze Admission
1 paintball daytime training session
1 double paint
1 pumpkin shoot

A $24 value
Discount price:
$19 for Adults 
$17 for Youth


Package 2: Night time fun
1 flashlight Maze Admission
1 Zombie wars
1 double paint

A $30 value

Discount price:
$25 for Adults 
$23 for Youth


Package 3: Night time fun 2
1 Haunted Maze Admission
1 Zombie wars
1 double paint

A $35 value

Discount price:
$30  for all ages


Contact Us

Zombie Wars
(Green Pig Market)
2927 Fredericton Rd.
Salisbury, NB
E4J 2E6
(506) 372-5640

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