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After two months I went to Assiut, Chen Kaimei responsible for the operation of the factory, because her husband went back to China to cure stomach ailments. One afternoon, I stood in front of the factory and saw two guys neighboring villages china swimwear manufacturer sent a car packed with sacks of plastic bottles. One man named Omar, he said he began five years ago to pick up a bottle, because the Chinese people opened a factory, when he was 12 years old.


Now he and a truck driver transporting plastic bottles cooperation, they called for their local children collect bottles. Omar said that he generally earn at least 100 Egyptian pounds a day (equivalent to approximately US $ 13), which is twice the wholesale bikini swimwear average daily wage of local workers. Positive talking, Chen Kaimei rushed out from the factory. She wore a flower aprons, says the words My Playmate, his face an angry look.


Why is the bottle of water? She cried. She directed Omar and his companions suddenly threw two volumes of a liter bottle, the two quickly ran to the back of the truck. ! You too bad, she shouted in broken Arabic: Ali Baba, Ali Baba ye me very angry, wholesale bikini manufacturer very angry, very angry emptied the bottle did not emptied!!!!


In the bag of bottles below Chenkai Mei found some bottle filled with water: people want to collect bottles with pressure scale. She has been shouting you Ali Baba, but then I realized that she refers to the Arabian Nights in the fashion bikini Forty Thieves. I never heard what the Egyptians so used the word Ali Baba, but this is part of recycled dialects among. Omar stayed bottle throwing the place, until Chen Kaimei back to the factory.


In the name of the Lord, I wish she was playing cat! Omar said. Once she had bricks thrown at us.

A foreman named Mohammed Abdul Rahim said something, as people generally say Omar bikini manufacturers china deserve to get something in the bag he hid underneath throw a few.

This is not my doing! Omar said, is doing little children, they pick up the bottle.