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"This is something he knows." Mohammed said. He told me that there is always hidden in sacks irrelevant things, but Chen Kaimei or Linxian Definitely not always be found. After a while, Chen Kaimei and wearing that read, "My Playmate" apron came wholesale Valentine Lingerie out, swore an "Ali Baba", finally sat down to an emotional and income bottles per kilogram man negotiate the price.


Bottle a total value of 801 trucks of Egyptian pounds, slightly more than $ 100. Omar companions insisted to charge a fraction of that 1 pound, Chenkai Mei Wang Zhuoshang suddenly put the coin, as if to throw a mahjong like. cheap lingerie Turned the boy to show off like money, pick from a 50 pound, he said the money was too old, can not accept.


"I care about!" Shouted Chen Kaimei, but still for a piece. Who received the bottle was gone, her anger will disappear - in the factory, she seems to have got used to the Egyptian exaggeration. Her hair in the back plate, as long broad face weather-beaten farmer, looks lingerie wholesale very simple. Once I said, she was moved to a city Assiut be really brave, but she does not care for my praise, she said she just did not knowledge. "I do not read." She said, "I will write my name, but it is difficult to see written. I did not go to school the day never went."


Friday factories closed rest, Chen Kaimei and Linxian non drove to Assiut, and Kiki and John to spend the weekend. Kiki couple have a two year old daughter. The little girl is sick, badly swollen eyelids, John asked me to accompany them to a nearby hospital, good help translate. The doctor said that the infection, the cause is perhaps the poor sanitary conditions. John said it was the first time cheap lingerie wholesale since the birth of her daughter to see a doctor. Assiut's life did not make them feel afraid, they do not feel successful, Chen Kaimei and Linxian non always said their factories, but the low-end industries.


But I could not help but think: Egypt has 85 million people, for decades to develop foreign aid workers and hundreds of millions of Western countries have been coming; the first plastic recycling center is doing booming business in southern Egypt, hires 30 people, cheap lingerie online for others, reducing the number of garbage for their earned considerable income. The establishment of such a facility were actually two Chinese immigrants sell underwear, one of which is illiterate and one had only to fifth grade, this is why?