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Linxian non soon realized Assiut people do not like pearls, wearing robes nor tie, but they like lingerie, underwear, so he began to monopoly. Soon, his wife also came to help from China. In northern Cairo and Egypt, wholesale bikini manufacturer and the rapid rise of imports, Africa and finally in Assiut rented a storefront. They hired a relative and a friend, the other two stores operating in the city.


Is working to establish small businesses producing underwear, they found a lot of rubbish in Assiut outside. Previously it was also noted that this phenomenon, but they first thought to be imported Jiangsu production lines, polyethylene, terephthalate bottles made of crushed and cleaned. manufacturer of swimwear This line can be washed plastic bottles, drying, crushing and high temperature, and then sold as a recycled material.

"I see the bottle everywhere, they decided to collect money." Linxian non told me. He and his wife have no experience of this industry, but in 2007, they established the first Egyptian plastic bottle recycling plant. Factories located in the western desert of Assiut small commercial area, the existing 30 employees, and pulverized for about four tons of plastic per day. non the material processed and wholesale lingerie china sold Cairo Chinese people, the Chinese people put material into the line, and then sold to Egypt garment business owners, but also part of the Chinese people. Maybe a bottle was thrown on the Assiut random roadside, then was sent to China three-story factory, and then returned to the city in the form of underwear, still sold by the Chinese people.


must say, factory annual profit of $ 5-20 million and this success inspired an Egyptian businessman of Asyut. Earlier this year, the Egyptian businessman stole part of his technical staff, but also opened a recycling plant. Despite this, Lin Xian and Chen Kaimei non-business or bigger and bigger, but they still live in the factory upstairs bare house, all day listening to the roar of the machine. Linxian non-50 years old, who seems to be 10 years old on. china swimwear manufacturer He looked tired and suffering from stomach problems, as the Chinese businessman, he was one with people eating and drinking partner. He rarely talked about the local culture, but once I happened to ask the biggest problems facing Egypt in his eyes, his powerful answer surprised me.


"Gender inequality." He said once, "Here, the woman is a stay at home sleeping. They want to develop, first of all to solve this problem. This is the end of the Chinese revolution to do. Like here, which is in waste bikini wholesale of talent to see my family -... You see how capable my wife without her, do not plant it and my daughter, who if they are Egyptians, that they would not do these things in store operations. "