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Give me impressed that such a living tradition of middle-class families in the provinces, the shopping process and did not show the slightest embarrassment. Even so, the atmosphere has been a simple and pleasant, bride looks do not feel embarrassed. wholesale bikini swimwear I am sure that even the most confident of Asian women, thought to be and her fiance, mother and brother adolescence coincided with the purchase of underwear.


Will certainly feel shame, not to mention also the presence of two Chinese shopkeeper, a waiter and a face foreign correspondents. But in Egypt, the other stores, I also saw a similar scene, brides usually have family or friends wholesale bikinis to accompany, this practice seems and sex in people's minds.


On the status of the bride, there are things worth mentioning. Chinese businessmen sometimes say to me, a woman of Egypt because they buy these clothes for her husband at night to dance, I suspect this idea more belly dance from the movie, rather than the actual customs. However, in a more symbolic level, this may be true. See a bride in the company of family and friends shopping, I feel like a bride exhibits, and is ready for the wholesale bathing suits future role to be played. In the "China Star", I asked the bride's mother, her daughter is married would become a lawyer. "Of course not!" She said, "She'll stay at home." The tone is very proud, and Egypt on man talking about his wife not home the same day. Egyptian Arabic arusa another meaning of the word "doll", the children get, the term refers to dressing undressing dress up the play toys.


 In Assiut, Kiki's parents - Linxian non- (sound) and Chen Kaimei (sound) is this small Chinese community initially Portland. not from Zhejiang Province, home, only half an acre of arable land, because of the poor, he finished he buy swimwear wholesale had to drop out of school in fifth grade. In the 1990s, he made small clothing business in Beijing, achieved some success. In 2001, he heard that his hometown was to go to Egypt to find wealth. Studied the map, he decided to settle in Assiut, because he thought it was the most populous city in Egypt (Luxor actually larger).


"I knew I would become the only Chinese people here, so it would be better opportunities." say something to me. He established a ma'rad in Assiut, which is an open-air market, the first sale is brought luggage with 3 kind of goods: tie, pearls and underwear. cheap sexy swimwear He did not consider the needs of local residents in Egypt, the core element of his concern is the size of the product: "These are easy to put into the suitcase." He explained.