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I saw them in Egypt, China, and no change in this country who showed little interest. They often talk about their shortcomings noted: people lacking professional ethics, government system is not complete. But their tone, and a lot of talk wholesale vinyl Lingerie about these Westerners are not the same.


They do not depressed, just go with the flow to accept the status quo; they do not have guilt, because China never colonized the region for this piece, the relationship between the Chinese government and Israel, Palestine and China are good. Chinese entrepreneurs are often fondly talk about the Egyptians fraternity, mention how they are willing to help foreigners. Chinese businessmen australian lingerie wholesale believe in China, people lack these two qualities. For the revolution in Egypt, and they never seem disappointed. This is not to say they believe the Arab Spring will succeed, but because they start from a not hold on to this faith.


In 2012, Mohammed Mursi elected president of Egypt, the first leg of his state visit to China after the revolution is. The following year he was removed from office in a military coup, his successor Abdullah Fatah Sessi and soon visit China. Sudden change wholesale lingerie china of regime in Egypt, called the Chinese government did not seem to feel uneasy.


One night, I met a diplomat in Cairo, she is from another Asian country, I told her about my ditto Egyptian experience dealing with Chinese suppliers underwear. She says their behavior and opinions that she remembered herself as a sexy dresses wholesale diplomat observed phenomenon. As long as buyers want to buy, what the Chinese people are willing to sell. She said. They do not ask, do not care what you intend to use to buy what they are doing.


Egyptians are voting, to suppress the people, or . is to make the news reporter in jail, they do not say, she went on to say: The Americans think that if a country like themselves, it is not the General Assembly against myself, but Chinese people do not think cheap lingerie wholesale Chinese people do not intend to. Let the whole world and themselves converge. Their strategy is to build economic links, if you want to cut off this link, to hurt them at the same time, you will inevitably hurt yourself.